1x Gravel Drivetrains

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As I mentioned in my previous article I had upgraded the drivetrain on my KHS Grit 110. I held off on writing a review until I had put the new components through a rigorous testing period. It has been just … Read More

Northwave Cycling Shoes

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An ode to my trusty Northwave cycling shoes… I bought these Northwave cycling shoes in the spring of 2014. On the very first ride I crashed hard and crushed the mechanical buckle of the right shoe into smithereens. Northwave sent … Read More

Strada Rossa VI

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This past weekend was my first race for the 2019 season – Strada Rossa VI. A lot of training and preparation went into the workup for this “race”. Starting in November last year I followed Trainer Road plans and did … Read More

Off Season

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My first year back on the bike has been filled with adventure and fraught with many setbacks. I started out twenty seven pounds heavier and unable to ride more than an hour at a time. As spring turned to summer … Read More


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One of the largest storms in recent memory is currently pummeling Southern California. A few days before the storm hit I was excitedly pouring over weather reports to see if the storm would deliver as predicted. Well for once the … Read More

The Endurance Diet

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The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald is an engaging and eye opening book. Matt shows his readers the surprisingly similar diets that endurance athletes around the world consume to fuel them to their peak potential. He calls it “The Endurance Diet” and if you are serious about reaching your potential it is a must read.