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What is truth? It seems these days that you can find evidence to support any training methodology. Don’t eat carbs (LCHF anyone?), wait that is wrong you should eat lots of carbs. Structured training needs intensity (HIIT), wait no actually … Read More

Cycling Mistakes

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As an entry level cyclist we are prone to make mistakes. Shoot even world class cyclists make mistakes. While everyone makes cycling mistakes it is important is to learn from them. Learning from other peoples mistakes is also a great way … Read More


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In regards to nutrition there is so much information out there. A lot of it is crap, some of it is good info, but most of it does not pertain to your specific needs. What a maddening situation!  To begin … Read More

KHS Grit 110

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Introduction The 2018 KHS Grit 110 is a surprisingly well built bike with an impressive list of components for the price (Caveat: I purchased the bike two weeks before the mid season price increase went into effect). Still – in … Read More

Cross Training as a Cyclist

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Cross Training I enjoy many types of outdoor activities, not just cycling. I also really enjoy rock climbing, tenkara, backpacking, and skiing. I have always avoided the gym like the plague though. The thought of working out inside seemed absolutely … Read More


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When I got the Grit 110 my plan was to customize her. As parts wore out I would upgrade them with what I really wanted. At first I was leaning towards a 1x drive train, but after a month or … Read More

Have bike will travel..

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Gravel roads With my new gravel bike I began to discover that it was seriously fun to ride. Around my house I have a hundreds of kilometers of gravel roads. Ever since I was a teenager though I found gravel … Read More

Gravel Grinding

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For the inaugural post I guess I could start by introducing myself and maybe a little bit about why I felt I should create another gravel grinding website. It may be a little cliché but I need to start somewhere, … Read More

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