Catching Up

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It has been a while since I last blogged – too long. I am resolving to kick my writing into high gear. I do enjoy the whole process of maintaining my various websites – and part of that maintenance is … Read More

1x Gravel Drivetrains

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As I mentioned in my previous article I had upgraded the drivetrain on my KHS Grit 110. I held off on writing a review until I had put the new components through a rigorous testing period. It has been just … Read More

Strada Rossa VI

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This past weekend was my first race for the 2019 season – Strada Rossa VI. A lot of training and preparation went into the workup for this “race”. Starting in November last year I followed Trainer Road plans and did … Read More

Off Season

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My first year back on the bike has been filled with adventure and fraught with many setbacks. I started out twenty seven pounds heavier and unable to ride more than an hour at a time. As spring turned to summer … Read More


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One of the largest storms in recent memory is currently pummeling Southern California. A few days before the storm hit I was excitedly pouring over weather reports to see if the storm would deliver as predicted. Well for once the … Read More

Glendora Mountain Road

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A few weeks back I wrote a post titled “Cycling Mistakes” and in it I recapped the lessons I learned on the infamous Nate Harrison Grade (NHG). For me, much of the learning curve came afterwards. As I listened to … Read More

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