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Just over a month ago I had the honor of having a few of my photos featured on the penultimate gravel grinding website – Gravel Cyclist! Check out my photo gallery here.

Here are some other photos that did not make the cut… 

In other news…

I finished my first Trainer Road block – Sweet Spot Base LV1 yesterday. Today, as I sit on my sofa writing this blog post, my legs are SORE. Running a 10k in the mud while pushing a jogging stroller the day before my final 90 minute trainer session might have been a bit much. I pulled it off though but I am paying for it now.

The snow has arrived in Southern California in a big way!

Looks like it is time to get my new ski boots fitted and the summer wax scraped off my skis! 

Yours truly (skiers left) embracing the truth that what goes Up must come Down – Hokkaido, Japan 2/2018

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