Cycling in New England

I moved

Sunday, September 19th my family and I left Southern California and hit the road. We were towing our Jayco Jayfeather X213 travel trailer with our Silverado 1/2 ton pickup. 20 days latter we arrived in East Lyme, Connecticut. It was a fun journey camping our way across the United States of America. When we arrived in Connecticut though our home was still under construction so we lived in our RV for another 52 days. However, just in time for Thanksgiving we signed the final paperwork and moved in to our new house in the country. We are perched on top of a hill that affords us some pretty spectacular sunsets and our small plot of four acres abuts 250 acres of preserved wildlands - a bird sanctuary.

old house

It took us awhile to get things unpacked but this week I was finally able to dig my bikes out of the packing boxes and rebuild them (thank you Omega Cycles for doing such a great job packing them).


It feels great to back out on my bikes again after a three month hiatus. Next week there are a few bigger storms forecasted to deposit some snow on the ground in Vermont. The storm tomorrow is pretty warm though, so depending on how the snowpack fairs I may or may not pull the trigger on a three day trip to go XC skiing... If I do go I will try to blog about it here.


If you are interested here is a photo album with highlights from our cross country trip Link.