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I bet you may be wondering what the heck macadam means… Well, it is a method of road construction pioneered by a Scotsman about 200 years ago using crushed stones (aka gravel). Since I am of Scottish descent and I enjoy cycling on gravel it seemed to be the perfect name for my blog. 

And just in case you were curious it is pronounced “muh-khay-dum”.

What is truth? It seems these days that you can find evidence to support any training methodology. Don’t eat carbs
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The Endurance Diet
The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald is an engaging and eye opening book. Matt shows his readers the surprisingly similar
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Glendora Mountain Road
A few weeks back I wrote a post titled “Cycling Mistakes” and in it I recapped the lessons I learned
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Have bike will travel..
Gravel roads With my new gravel bike I began to discover that it was seriously fun to ride. Around my
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In regards to nutrition there is so much information out there. A lot of it is crap, some of it
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Spring Time Gravel Grinding
According to the San Diego Weather Center we have gotten a lot of rainfall this winter. A lot. I have
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The NewYear that matches my vision

The big day is here.

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